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Friedman Amplification

Dave Friedman is the man behind the signature tones of rock icons Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Jerry Cantrell. Dave has been building, modding and repairing amplifiers for many of the world’s biggest stars for the past 25 years. Friedman’s innovative designs and meticulous construction have made him legendary in the world of professional touring musicians.

Dave Friedman’s extensive knowledge and pursuit of tonal superiority inspired him to develop his own series of production amplifiers under the name Friedman Amplification. Each Friedman amplifier is built in the U.S.A. to Dave's exacting standards using hand selected components. After a rigorous burn in process, Dave inspects, tubes, plays and signs the chase of every amplifier before shipping them to us.

At Tone Temple we are big fans of the Friedman BE-100, an amp that is one of the most talked about designs for the past few years and our benchmark amplifier. We are also very excited about the new Runt 20 which has an internal load and cab-simulated XLR output, perfect for recording silently at home. However if you would like to purchase any of the Friedman range please contact us at


Friedman Runt 20 Demo

Friedman Amplification Buxom Betty

Friedman BE 100 Plexi Tones