Tone Temple


The TronicalTune is a revolutionary device for electric and acoustic guitars alike that seamlessly self-tunes your guitar in a matter of seconds, all the while preserving the integrity and tone of your instrument. Suitable for various guitar models (currently over 350) with no modification to the instrument at all.  The system consists of a miniaturized micro-controller and six motorized tuning pegs, which insert onto the back of the headstock replacing the existing machine heads. It allows the user to access up to 36 different tunings at the touch of a button.

The TronicalTune system consists of three main components. First, there’s a set of motorized machine heads called RoboHeads. From the front of the headstock, these look like conventional locking tuners. Second, there’s a rectangular box adorned with LEDs, which contains the battery and the brains of the system. And third, there’s a black plate which sits flush against the back of the headstock, with the machine heads passing through it. 

While the ‘brain’ is common to all Tronical configurations. The weight of the system is no more than a set of locking tuners. The internal Lithium-Polymer battery lasts for up to 300 tunings on just one charge and If the system is switched off you can always tune by hand!


Tronical Tune Live Open E to Drop C

TronicalTune Plus Acoustic Demo

Inside the Tronical Tune RoboHeads